Sunday, June 23, 2013

TOYCON 2013!

Yep,it's that time of the season again for cosplays,accessories and most of all,TOYS!!I went with my cousins over for this event and I never thought it'll be that crowded this year!

This is the line from the 2nd floor until 4th floor!We waited for about 2 hours to buy a ticket(P120) but anyway,it was worth it---and good thing it was.Haha :)

There were tons of good stuff at the con this year.Let alone,the three Megatrade Halls at SM Mega is filled with toys...


and toys(sss)!!!

And this is my most favorite collectible toy that I've seen there...Yotsuba&❤ I grew up reading the manga of this clover-haired girl together with the adorable Danboard.Haha!The figures cost at around P350-P1000.

Other than the random collectible toys,there are superhero stuff at the con!

And the one that i adored here the most is the Iron Man collection.See how Tony Stark looks so hot even as an action figure.hehe!

Here's more toy collections!

figures made out of cardboard boxes.

Superman collection.

Aside from the toys,there are also accessories being sold at the con(in which I usually look forward to) :D Here are polymer clay accessories,knitted accessories,hats,felt-designed hairpins,and comic strip bracelets.

And here's what I bought:star earrings by Kleyland,Macaroon charms by Pandora's Box and bottle cap keychain and necklace by Hodge Podge

And lastly,here are a few peeps that we took a pic with.

my little cousin being hugged by an oreo :)))

'cause he's a blue robot!i don't know what robot it is tho.Hahaha

with my camouflage homies!I didn't expect that I can find them here.Haha!!

So that does it!I'm looking forward to Ozine fest next time :)
'til then!